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Tiny Home Village: Community Advisory Committee

To support a successful integration into the community, Our Place and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness have established a Community Advisory Committee, or a CAC. This group will meet monthly. The goal of the CAC is to provide the community with updates from the Tiny Homes Village and address issues or concerns.

Please send topics for discussion, concerns/accolades/solutions to:

  • BUSINESS – Christian Stewart, HarbourCats: chris@harbourcats.com
  • NOT FOR PROFIT – Tracy Ryan, Silver Threads: tracyryan@silverthreads.ca
  • RESIDENTS – Jennie Greven: jennie@greven.ca or Charles Joerin: cactinycharles@gmail.com
  • NPNA – Sarah Murray, Executive Director: executivedirector@npna.ca

Meeting agendas and meeting notes will be posted on this webpage, as well as on the “agendas and minutes” page of our website.

Sign up on the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness website to join the Caledonia Tiny Homes Village email list to receive community updates and upcoming meeting dates.

View the Terms of Reference here for the Tiny Homes Community Advisory Committee here.

Meeting dateMeeting notes
May 25, 2021Meeting notes here 
June 23, 2021Meeting notes here
July 27, 2021Meeting notes here
August 24, 2021Meeting notes here
September 28, 2021Meeting notes here
October 26, 2021Meeting notes here
November 23, 2021Meeting notes here
January 25, 2022Meeting notes here
Note: At this meeting, the CAC made the decision to meet every other month.
March 22, 2022Meeting notes here
May 24, 2022 meeting notes here
July 26, 2022 meeting notes here
September 20, 2022meeting notes here
November 22, 2022meeting notes here
January 24, 2023meeting notes here
March 28, 2023meeting notes here
Final Meeting: September 7, 2023meeting notes here

“Making Room: A Transitional Tiny Home Community” @ Royal Athletic Park parking lot, 940 Caledonia

On January 14th, 2021, Mayor Helps and Councillor Loveday brought a motion to Council recommending that 940 Caledonia Avenue, the Royal Athletic Park Parking lot be used as the site for this transitional tiny home community from March 2021 to September 2022. The motion requested Council authorize Aryze Developments to make the temporary use permit application on the City’s behalf (the City is the owner of the property).

You can read the council motion here, or view the entire Jan. 14 Council agenda. The NPNA has made several requests and asked a few questions (so far) to the City and Aryze about the proposed tiny home community at 940 Caledonia.

At the NPNA’s public meeting on Monday, January 11 (see agenda & minutes page) the community had a chance to learn more and ask questions.

Here are some of the requests, questions, and expectations posed by the NPNA about the Tiny Home community:

  • Expectations of the City:
    • The City, with its design/development partner and operations partner, will design a community with and for the health and wellbeing of residents and neighbours: include at least 2 housed neighbours of Greene or Caledonia and 2 unhoused/prospective residents of North Park on the design team with payment of reasonable honorariums.
    • Comply with BC building code
    • Provide mechanical heating, cooling and ventilation to all units that are quiet and powered by clean energy.
    • Minimize the impacts of the proposed tiny home community on existing service providers, especially Anawim House, which is a sober living community directly across the street (i.e. offer adequate and free on-site showers and laundry so as to minimize the use of Anawim’s services).
  • The City, with its partners in design/development, construction, operations and all other service providers, will be good neighbours:
    • Will immediately establish a good neighbour agreement and working group made up of designated staff from the City, the operator, developer, and any other service providers involved, and that this group works efficiently to communicate and address concerns brought forth by the community, and provide regular updates. And that this working group meets regularly the entire time that the tiny home community is at 940 Caledonia. That the working group includes housed and unhoused residents of North Park too, and that these positions be recognized through honorariums.
    • Commit to proactively seeking input and regularly updating the entire North Park community on this project throughout design and construction as well as ongoing operation.
    • As land owner, will designate one point person from the city to which the NPNA, and North Park residents and businesses, can direct questions and concerns regarding the construction and ongoing operation of this
  • The city will permanently remove Central Park from the parks where sheltering is permitted. We have received confirmation that staff are already moving forward with this, and understand this amendment to the “sheltering in parks bylaw’ is to be brought forward to council for approval on January, 21, 2021
  • For questions regarding the technical aspects of the proposed community, please contact Jared James at info@aryze.ca
  • For questions about the process and opportunity for public input, please  contact mayor@victoria.ca

February 9, 2021: NPNA Comments on TUP No. 00017 and DP Application No. 00591 / 940 Caledonia Ave (See also: February 9 + January 20 feedback included in March 4, 2021 council agenda package)

March 4, 2021: Treatment of current tenants at 940 Caledonia in relation to Tiny Home Transitional Community 

April 1, 2021: Notice from the City of Victoria to North Park residents about the Tiny Home Village

  • including notice of a community meeting on Tuesday, April 13 at 5pm. Sign up here to receive updates about the public meeting and Tiny Home Village.

Transitional Tiny Home Village: Next Community Meeting May 11, 2021  

There will be a second community meeting on Tuesday, May 11 which will include an update on first week of operations, introduction of Community Advisory Committee representatives. Please make sure to sign up here to receive meeting links and updates:  www.victoriahomelessness.ca/tinyhomes

Tiny Home Village: Community Advisory Committee
Application deadline: April 27, 2021

During the April 13 meeting we learned more about the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) that will be established to keep the entire community updated and involved in this innovative project. The CAC will be led by Our Place and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness with the goal of supporting the successful integration of the village into the community. It will consist of representatives from the neighbourhood and organizations supporting the operation of the Tiny Homes Village. It will meet regularly to discuss any operational issues and opportunities for enhancing the success of the project.

There are five spots on this committee for community members! If this sounds interesting to you, please take a moment to look at the Tiny Homes Village CAC Terms of Reference, and submit a brief, one page application by April 27, 2021. 

How to apply to the Community Advisory Committee (CAC):

To apply to the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) email the completed application form to: admin@victoriahomelessness.ca with ‘TINY HOMES CAC’ in the email subject line.

  • Application deadline: 11:59pm, April 27, 2021
  • Committee Member Notification: May 3, 2021