north park needs assessment

The North Park Neighbourhood Association has partnered with the School of Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria to complete a Neighbourhood Needs Assessment research project.

We are carrying out this project to increase our understanding of how residents of the North Park would like to use their community and identifying gaps between current conditions and desired conditions in North Park.

We are seeking interview participants to tell us your views and experiences in a one-off interview with a University of Victoria researcher. The interview will take approximately one-hour to complete. The goal of the research is that in sharing your experience as a member of the North Park community, improvements can be made in these experiences relating to social inclusion, policy, and community planning in the neighbourhood for you and others.

If you are interested in participating, you may contact and we will send additional information pertaining to the study. The first step will be to complete a very short screening survey for eligibility.

Note: Interviews can take place in person or over Zoom. The eligibility screening survey can also be provided in paper form or as a web link.

Not everyone who is eligible to participate will be contacted to participate in the interviews. We will contact potential participants using an equity-based lens to ensure an equitable distribution of respondents and perspectives are included in the research