humans of north park

free photo booth + awesome community art project

North Park is an incredibly diverse and vibrant neighbourhood, home to Indigenous, queer, and racialized citizens, youth and seniors, new immigrants and more.

This photo project wants to celebrate this incredible abundance of diverse humanity, following in the footsteps of the highly successful “Humans of New York” project.

Participants will have the opportunity to have their photograph taken by a talented, professional photographer (Nik West from Taiji Brand Group), and will receive high-quality images from the photoshoot in their email inbox.

The photographs will be owned by the North Park Neighbourhood Association and used from time to time in our e-newsletters, on our website and in a community art project (details of the art project coming soon!) These images will be securely stored and never sold or shared with third parties.

For more information email:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Humans of North Park photo booth at the May 8 Multicultural Festival! Here are a few of the beautiful portraits!