community values survey

community values survey

In October 2020, the NPNA hosted a “Community Values” survey intended to capture the broad values relating to land use of North Park residents, volunteers, business owners, and those who spend time in North Park.

Over 250 individuals completed this survey. The results of this survey will be used to guide the Land Use Committee’s response to future developments, as well as the NPNA’s grant applications, and program development and delivery.

The images below demonstrate the big picture results from the survey. You are also welcome to read the full report (below) which goes into further detail and analysis.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts and feedback to the community values survey, and many thanks to Eleni who spent many hours carrying out, analyzing the results, and preparing the presentation of this survey for the community.

For questions about the survey please contact Eleni Gibson, NPNA Land Use Planning Advisor at