Board Member Only Area

Have something you want stored here for easy-access for board members? Email

Login details for this website, for MailChimp, other important sites can be found in your email inbox. Just search “NPNA Passwords”.


Email Subject Lines

Admin (board info, treasurer, expenses)
Land Use (ie. LAP, public hearing, CALUC letter, survey)
RAP (ie. community access, dog run)
Central Park (ie. sheltering update, Crystal Pool)
Events (ie. Farmer’s market, garden work party)
Meeting (ie. monthly public or board meeting, AGM)
_____ Project (ie. Queen’s students, UVIC needs assessment, arts project)
North Park Village  (anything north Park village or businesses related, graffiti on mural)
Community Request (ie. Balmoral strata garbage)
City/Council (upcoming agenda item, requests to council)
Vent (self explanatory 🙂 )
+ Anytime that input is requested/required, please add “INPUT REQUESTED” before subject line.

Roles & Responsibilities for select Board Members

* We should update these (Dec. 9, Sarah)


  • Generate meeting agenda 1 week before scheduled meeting, with input from Board.
  • Actively represent association to City Hall and other key stakeholders, regularly keeping Board abreast of activities.
  • Draft correspondence on behalf of the association, with sign-off from Board.

Land Use

  • Pick up mail from mailbox each week. Keep Board abreast of all correspondence. Give cheques to Treasurer.
  • Respond to requests for input and engage with City Hall, developers and other key stakeholders, in consultation with full Board.
  • Schedule formal Community Land Use meetings as needed, proving Communications with meeting details at least 7 days before LUC meeting. See Land Use page for


  • Take minutes at meetings, and submit draft to Board for review. Approved draft gets forwarded to Communications for distribution.
  • Here is the minutes template.


  • Maintain records of income and expenses, deposit cheques, prepare annual report (see Excel and PDF examples from 2018).


  • Keep website up to date, especially the Agendas & Minutes page (
  • Tweet regularly, and send out MailChimp e-news roughly twice a month.