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The North Park Neighbourhood Association (NPNA) is a non-profit society that plays an active role in improving the quality of life of our downtown neighbourhood. We receive funding support from the City of Victoria and other amazing grant funders, and rely on our many wonderful volunteers to get the job done.

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Specifically the NPNA:

  • Monitors community problems and concerns
  • Respects community objectives laid out in the North Park Neighbourhood Plan
  • Facilitates the vetting and review of rezoning applications and other land-use proposals
  • Participates in City initiatives such as the upcoming update of our Local Area Plan
  • Provides open monthly meetings at which any resident can voice views about community matters

Our vision and values

The Vision for the North Park Neighbourhood is to be a welcoming and vibrant community that is

  • inclusive of all people regardless of age, income, culture, or religion
  • cohesive and sensitive to the needs of everyone living and working in the neighbourhood
  • beautiful and healthy with an emphasis on heritage, well planned and sustainable growth, recreation, pedestrian traffic and open and green spaces
  • safe and inviting with opportunities for socialising and focal points for community members to gather
  • Economically vibrant working in harmony with its commercial and adjacent community partners.

We are guided by the following principles:

  • Inclusion
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Equity and Fairness
  • Teamwork
  • Fair, Accountable, Non-partisan, and Non-sectarian
  • Committed to staying informed

Board and Committees

Standing subcommittees:

  • Land use
  • Communications
  • Placemaking/public art
  • Events
  • Inter-Association Rep (e.g. Good Neighbour Agreements)
  • Business Liaison
  • Heritage/Preservation
  • Safety

Helpful links:

General email, npna@npna.ca  

Board Members, board@npna.ca

  • Allison Ashcroft – Interim Treasurer
  • Katie Fillion
  • Sean Kahil
  • Darren Marr
  • Alastair McCollum
  • Land Use Chair, Ammar Mahimwalla caluc@npna.ca 

Executive Director, Sarah Murray executivedirector@npna.ca

Land Use Planning Advisor, Courtenay Miller landuse@npna.ca 

City of Victoria Council Liaison, Sarah Potts spotts@victoria.ca 

City of Victoria Downtown Coordinator – Michael Hill (mhill@victoria.ca)