Proposal for change – Cannabis Dispensary Regulations

On Thursday, July 6, City Councillors Charlayne Thornton-Joe and Margaret Lucas brought forward the following proposal for change in Victoria’s policy on cannabis dispensary regulations.  Mayor Helps and Council approved this proposal.

Recommendation: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council consider a change to the Storefront Cannabis Retailer Rezoning Policy: a) to change the distance from 200m to 400m that a storefront cannabis retailer (in a straight line from the closest lot line to closest lot line) from another lot where a storefront cannabis retailer is permitted, whether or not a storefront cannabis retailer is active or not. b) this Policy does not limit Council from considering variances to the separation distances noted in the Policy based on circumstances related to a specific application.

Following an NPNA special meeting on “Cannabis Storefronts – How many and where?”, NPNA made four recommendations to City Council. These recommendations have been supported by our neighbours in the Downtown Residents Association. The recommendations have been considered by the councillors and city staff as part of their research and discussion on cannabis regulations. 

You can read the minutes of NPNA’s special meeting at npnaca_wp5967jun17-special-mtg-minutes and cannabis-special-mtg-introduction.

Our four recommendations are at np-cannabis-storefront-recommendations.