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North Park is a diverse, mixed-income, mixed-use community adjacent to the City of Victoria’s downtown core. Read about our history. An area of about one square kilometre, our vibrant neighbourhood is bounded by Blanshard, Bay, Cook and Pandora streets, and is home to about 2,800 people and numerous vibrant businesses, services and recreational facilities. To learn about all the many economic, social and community assets in our neighbourhood, check out our new online community map.

The North Park Neighbourhood Association (NPNA) is a non-profit, membership-driven society that cares about our neighbourhood and brings neighbourhood concerns to City Hall, sometimes in partnership with other neighbourhood groups. For more information about the NPNA see the Our Association page.

North Park History

North Park is part of the ancestral territories of the Songhees First Nation, who harvested bark from meadows and alongside creeks to make a variety of household objects. In 1843 James Douglas arrived to set up a new trading post for the Hudson Bay Company. North Park was created in the 1860s as part of HBC’s early town plans. Today North Park is a vibrant, diverse, mixed-income, mixed-use neighbourhood in Victoria’s downtown core. Our one-square-kilometre neighbourhood is home to about 3,400 people from all walks of life.

Some of North Park’s heritage homes are featured in a neighbourhood heritage walking tour published by the Victoria Heritage Foundation. Click here for walking tour information.